February works in the garden

February works in the garden

February in the garden: which works

February is a cold month of winter and the vegetable garden does not offer much to do in the field, if we mean the cultivation work to be carried out in the open air. It may be appropriate to work the soil to prepare it for sowing in March, even if the frosts often make the digging work hard, for those who have cultivated them there may be some winter vegetables to harvest.

In southern Italy there will certainly be more work to do because the spring weather arrives early, while for those who live in the north, February is still the middle of winter.

Instead, there is work in the seedbed, in the shelter you can sow spring vegetables to be transplanted into the garden in April.

Preparing the soil for spring

A digging it can be useful for preparing the ground for the garden, which will come to life in spring. However, we must take into account that if the ground is frozen or too wet, you cannot work, for this reason, the processing is generally easier towards the end of the month, generally the preparation of the soil, when milder temperatures arrive, while those who cultivate in the mountains or in northern Italy may have to wait until March.

When the weather permits you can proceed to cleaning the garden beds of weeds and stones. digging, eventually burying manure or compost. At this time it is also useful to think about paths and drains, setting up the vegetable garden. In the spring we will have an organized and well worked land, ready for sowing.

Sowing in February and the design of the garden

If the temperatures do not allow many direct sowings, in February we start sowing in the tray. In the shelter, the seedlings are prepared that will be planted in our garden in spring, the warm bed or the heated environment allow the seeds to germinate, anticipating the natural timing a little. If you haven't done it yet, find out how to heat the seedbed.

In this month, therefore, we begin to set up the project of what to grow, choosing the vegetables and planning transplants and harvests. For this reason, it is therefore useful to take a look at the calendar and decide how to arrange the flower beds in the garden. In the open field in February we go to sow onions and garlic, while in jars we prepare the seedlings of peppers, aubergines and other vegetables. For more details, see the sowing calendar for February.

Collect winter vegetables

The harvest calendar also sees in February the possibility of picking some winter vegetables such as crucifers (cabbage), radicchio, spinach or leeks.

Other jobs

February can also be the right month to do it a little cold tunnel: it is useful to protect crops from the cold and can allow you to gain some degrees and consequently lengthen the cultivation period of many vegetables.

Another activity to devote to in the winter months is the tool maintenance, any huts, composters and fences. Let's find out for example what to do for a good maintenance of the brushcutter. Then, when the other agricultural jobs come to life, it will hardly leave time to do so.

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