April: garden work in spring

April: garden work in spring

In April there is so much to do in the garden: spring is the time tomany crops they are going up to speed, so you have to keep up with them, keeping the soil clean of weeds, irrigating when needed and protecting the young plants from any late frosts.

It is a very busy month for sowing and transplanting, which will lead a well-managed garden to be practically all cultivated by the end of April or at the latest in May.

In this month there are also vegetables that can already be harvested, especially short-cycle leafy vegetables, such as herbs and salads, but the April jobs are especially important to correctly set up the summer garden, which will give the greatest satisfaction. , with tomatoes, courgettes, potatoes, aubergines, peppers.

An orderly vegetable garden

Removal of weeds.The month of April is characterized by frequent rains, alternating with the first hot days of the year, this means a sustained and luxuriant growth of weeds. It will therefore be necessary to control the spontaneous herbs, which can be contrasted with mulching or manual removal. We can help ourselves with a really useful tool: the weeder.

Soil preparation. April is still a month in which to carry out numerous sowings, so the work in the garden also consists in preparing the soil, if it has not been done in the previous months we proceed with a digging, if required by the cultivation also a fertilization to be buried in the ground , they are perfect for a mature organic manure or compost garden. A fine and well-leveled soil is then prepared with the rake for the seed bed.

Water and temperature

Irrigation. Usually the month of April does not lack water with its rains, the vegetable garden must still be kept well-kept and if necessary, if necessary, to irrigate the crops and not to dry out the soil, especially if the first heat begins that herald the arrival of summer. Particular care must be taken for younger plants, just transplanted or just sown, since the root system is not yet well developed, they can suffer more from the need for water.

Pay attention to the temperature. In April in the northern regions, however, it can still be cold, so it is better to be careful of the temperature and in case of lowering, be ready to safeguard our crops. The mulch sheet can be useful to keep the plants warm, in particular if the mulch is black, alternatively it is useful to cover the plants with non-woven fabric for the night, or you can make mini tunnels with a transparent sheet.

Under tunnel. A cold greenhouse is very useful in April, it allows you to anticipate the cultivation times of many vegetables. Even if the great cold of winter is behind us, we still work in protected crops, continuing to grow what was planted between February and March or anticipating summer vegetables.

Biological defense

We need to start paying attention to insects and diseases: on the one hand, the warm season favors the awakening of parasites, which ovify and make their first generation, on the other hand the higher temperatures, combined with frequent rains, can be optimal for fungal diseases . In organic farming it is important to prevent: in April it is advisable to put tap trap type biotraps to monitor and capture insects. For diseases, good soil management and prompt intervention in removing diseased plant parts is important.

Sowing and transplanting

Sow. The sowings of April as we said are many: beets from ribs or cut, various salads, such as lettuce and rocket, legumes (such as beans and green beans) up to solanaceae, such as pepper and tomato, ready to be sown even in the open field at the end month. To learn more you can find out what to sow in April in detail.

Transplants. April is also a month in which to transplant the seedlings, which may have been previously prepared in the seedbed or can be purchased in the nursery. The transplant can be done with bare root or directly by placing the plant with the earthen bread of the jar. There are many vegetables to transplant, for example peppers, aubergines, watermelons and tomatoes. You can find the list of vegetables to be transplanted in April on Orto Da Coltivare.

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