Fukuoka: The Straw Revolution

Fukuoka: The Straw Revolution

I'm talking about a very special book, one of those who in our small garden library occupies the place reserved for the classics and fundamental texts and which cannot be missing in the library of all those who care about a cultivation that respects nature.

Masanobu Fukuoka's theories are the basis of natural agriculture and "The Straw Revolution" is a manifesto, from these ideas many eco-sustainable approaches to cultivation will be born: for example, permaculture, synergistic agriculture, elementary cultivation.

The intuition from which Fukuoka starts is that of overturn the way of thinking of modern agriculture: while the farmer wonders what can be done to maximize production, attracting industry, Fukuoka wonders "what can i not do?". It is a new conception of farming: trying to do as little as possible and limit ourselves to enjoying the fruits of the earth, leaving its course to nature, rejecting the consumerism of the world in which we live. The teaching of this book is: "just serve nature and everything will be fine": cultivate without machinery, without chemicals and even without weeding.

I'm many practical tips on how to get rid of the use of chemicals, avoid killing parasitic insects and having to tear up weeds ... Starting with the straw of the title which becomes an excellent natural mulch, but this text is much more than a cultivation manual.

The straw-straw revolution combines concrete indications a profound philosophical reflection on the relationship between man and nature, rejecting the consumer society and looking for a revolution, always accompanying the thought to the concrete gesture. The Straw Revolution is a book about agriculture, but that has a broad vision, which extends to the whole life of the human being. Fukuoka talks about science, nutrition, education, in a holistic and coherent worldview, revolutionary right from the small things as the title suggests.

If you are approaching this book, pay attention because it is one of those that enrich the reader and that contaminate him, sowing (it is appropriate to say it) ideas. After this text, Fukuoka also wrote another very interesting book that is more practical: the organic farm.

Where to buy the book

There are books that are worth buying, you can reread them during the course of your life discovering new passages or stimulating different reflections, that of Fukuoka is certainly one of these texts. It is also a book that costs little, with 10 or 12 euros you take it home… Take advantage of it.

If you want to buy the straw revolution you can do it through Macrolibrarsi. which is an Italian store based on ethical criteria. You will find various interesting things there, both as books and as natural foods or organic seeds for the garden.

Obviously, like everything, this text can also be bought on Amazon, personally I prefer the other option.

Strong points of Masanobu Fukuoka's book

  • Masanobu Fukuoka, one of the great thinkers of our time who should be studied in schools, introduces us better.
  • He knows how to combine practical ideas of cultivation with philosophical reflections, for which the theory does not remain on paper.
  • It teaches you to look at the little things with a broader and more poetic vision.

To whom I recommend the revolution of the straw

  • To those who feel a rejection of consumerism.
  • To those looking for a different relationship with nature, even through cultivation.
  • To those who know how to be amazed at what nature and the earth offer.
  • For those who are passionate about synergistic vegetable gardens and permaculture.
  • To anyone, because we think that it is good for everyone to meet Masanobu Fukuoka's thoughts.

Book's title: The straw-straw revolution

Author: Masanobu Fukuoka

Publishing house: Fiorentina Publishing Bookshop, 2011

Pages: 205

Price: 12 euros

Our evaluation: 10/10 (with honors!)

Review by Matteo Cereda

Video: Masanobu Fukuoka Talks About the One Straw Revolution