Remove the root weeds with the grubber

Remove the root weeds with the grubber

Weeds in the garden can become a problem: they steal space, light and resources from our plants. Without becoming a maniac of order and tearing every blade of grass, it is necessary to keep wild herbs under control if you want to have a productive vegetable garden. Weed control is one of the most strenuous activities in the garden and it never seems to end, given that when the weather is good they come up all the time.

There are several methods to reduce the proliferation of weeds, such as mulching and false seeding, but in any case, we often have to manually remove the weeds. Chemical herbicides are not to be taken into consideration: they are harmful products for cultivated vegetables and especially for those who will eat the vegetables, while we offer you a tool that can be very useful to avoid making a lot of effort and continually bow your back : the grubber.

It is a tool that allows you to remove weeds without bending down by pulling them at the root. The grubber is optimal for removing the largest and most invasive weeds in a permanent way: pulling manually generally cannot completely eradicate the plants, and weeds grow back stronger than before.

We tried the Fiskars weeders and were really satisfied. They are unique in terms of mechanics and quality: the pedal lever system and the telescopic handle ensure that you do not have to bend your back, always working in the correct position, the stainless steel pliers reach the root easily and guarantee selective and lasting removal. The beauty of the grubber is that it allows you to intervene "surgically" by choosing which weeds to remove. You can therefore remove what grows too close to our plants, while you can leave some wild herbs that contribute to the biodiversity of our garden or that serve as a meal for snails.

In addition to the garden, the grubber is particularly useful for lawn care, where the hoe certainly cannot be used: with the grubber you can remove larger grasses without damaging the turf. For more in-depth information, you can visit the Fiskars website.

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