If the radishes don't grow

If the radishes don't grow

Hi Franca

I try to make myself useful with some advice, keep in mind that from a distance it is very difficult to identify the causes.

Radishes that don't grow

For the radishes the turnip that grows just below ground level is harvested. I guess you've already checked by digging a bit that it hasn't grown just under the radish. This underground part of the plant that is the vegetable we are interested in harvesting can remain small for several reasons:

  • Too hard, stony or clayey soil that hinders the development of radish, I recommend weeding radishes often during cultivation.
  • Excess nitrogen in the soil. Nitrogen strengthens the leaves of plants, if it is a lot it can induce the plant to produce many leaves by "stealing" energy from the turnip.

Wasted basil

The basil instead it may have been burned very trivially by drought, but I don't think that's the case for you. There are also various causes due to errors by the horticulturist (excess fertilization for example). More likely it is a fungal disease, by now if it has taken the whole plant there is nothing to do. To prevent it, I recommend not watering too often and working the soil so that it is well draining and maybe a good one decoction of horsetail. Or again, when you remove the plant, check if the roots are in place or if any animal has damaged the root system.

I hope I have been helpful, good work and good cultivation of your small garden!

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