The Milanese dwarf courgette that does not bloom

The Milanese dwarf courgette that does not bloom

Hi Hector.

I state: I have never grown the dwarf courgette from Milan, so I don't know how to give you information on the size that this variety reaches in terms of size.

The plant in the picture looks healthy, from what I see there are no particular problems. Obviously, answering from a distance and without knowing anything about the soil and cultivation method is necessarily an approximation. I advise you to read the guide to the cultivation of zucchini which contains a series of general tips that could be useful, below instead I try to answer your question regarding the lack of flowering.

How come the zucchini does not bloom

The flowering of a zucchini plant can depend on various factors: the climate (I don't know where you grow and how long it's cold in your area) and the variety. If the Milan dwarf courgette has a late cycle it may be normal that it is not yet blooming. After all, less than a month has passed since planting, try to wait and see what happens.

I also ask you if you bought the seeds or if you got them from a plant you grow. This is because if you have obtained the seeds from a plant that in turn had hybrid seeds (F1) it is normal that it will not reach flowering. Hybrid seeds are a laboratory creation that should be boycotted, as it is not possible to preserve the variety from year to year by taking the seeds.

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