White spots on the leaves of plants

White spots on the leaves of plants

Hi Marina

It is not easy to diagnose plant diseases, doing it remotely with only one line of description is almost impossible. So I will necessarily be a little vague. However, I try to make hypotheses that may perhaps be useful for orientation. The most likely thing is that it is powdery mildew, another possibility may be the cochineal

What are the white spots on the leaves due to?

There is a disease called powdery mildew or white disease, it mainly affects some plants, such as courgettes or sage and "colors" the leaves white. However, powdery mildew is not exactly speckled, rather it manifests itself as a white dusting on the leaves, so perhaps this is not the case for you. However, white sickness is prevented by paying attention to humidity, it can be fought organically by using horsetail decoction or sulfur in the worst case. If you want to know more, you can read the article dedicated to powdery mildew.

Since you are talking about a problem that affects various types of plants, it seems to me more likely that it is cochineal. In this case, what you see are not simple patches, they are tiny insects. You will find them above but especially on the underside of the leaf. To get rid of cochineal, I recommend using neem oil, you can find more information in the article on cochineal.

I hope it was useful! A greeting and good cultivation.

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