Seasonal fruit and vegetables in September

Seasonal fruit and vegetables in September

September: seasonal fruit and vegetables

It can be useful to know which vegetables and which fruits does agriculture offer in September. This information is important for princes who cultivate the garden, who will be able to plan sowings and get the right harvest, but also for those who limit themselves to buying fruit and vegetables.

In fact it is always good to take into account which are the typical vegetables of this period, in order tobring seasonal fruit and vegetables to the table, grown without forcing, in an ecological way and preferably produced in Italy.

It is a good practice that also allows you to save, so even in September it is advisable to take the list of seasonal fruits to the supermarket, in order to do a smart shopping. In September, among other things, the vegetable garden and orchard are loaded with gifts of nature, which with an excellent harvest know how to compensate for the summer efforts of farmers and cultivation enthusiasts. Next to summer fruits such as watermelons and tomatoes we find the first flavors of autumn, such as grapes, cabbage and fennel.

Seasonal fruit in September

This month is most famous for harvest: between the end of August and September the vines are full of ripe bunches and therefore white and black grapes cannot be missing on our tables. Another typical fruit of early autumn are the very sweet ones figs.

In addition to grapes and figs, let's not forget this season melons and watermelons, which benefited from the August sun and here they are now sweet and juicy. From the orchard in September they also come apples, pears, peaches, plums, plums and pomegranates, we can also taste fresh some seasonal berries, in particular blackberries and raspberries. Southern Italy then adds the very good ones prickly pears and i lemons to the list of fruit of the month.

Seasonal vegetables in September

The summer vegetables they continue to produce even during the month of September, so we still find in the garden pumpkins and courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers. They are also ready in the garden the first fennel of the season, celery, celeriac and leeks. Also starting this month i autumn cabbages: cabbage, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli cabbage, black Tuscan cabbage.

Radishes, rocket and carrots they can be found almost all year round and the month of September is no exception, also excellent for harvesting salads of all kinds (endives, chicory, lettuce, radicchio, valerianella) e other leafy vegetables such as beets, ribs, spinach and turnip greens. We also find the pods of legumes on plants: beans, green beans, peas, broad beans, snow peas.

There are vegetables that, although not being harvested in September, have the characteristic of keeping them naturally for a long time, so they can be bought as seasonal vegetables. This is the case with garlic, shallots and onions, potatoes, all dried legumes and nuts.

Seasonal aromatic. Almost all herbs are available for the September harvest: sage, rosemary, thyme, parsley, basil, oregano, marjoram. In addition, in the garden we find the hot peppers well ripe, which can spice up our summer or autumn recipes.

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