Fight against golden cetonia (green beetle)

Fight against golden cetonia (green beetle)

Hello Jack

First I ask you if you are sure it is beetles or if you use the name to identify an insect in a fairly generic way. I ask you this because I don't know how proficient you are in recognizing insects. The real beetle (Melolontha melolontha) is generally brownish red or black (in this case it could tend to greenish, but still not a nice green). The parasite you have in your garden could instead be the golden cetonia (Cetonia aurata) which is another member of the beetle family, is often associated with beetles, and is green.

The beetle

The adult beetle tends to feed on leaves, it also attacks the orchard and the vineyard, but rarely causes significant damage. In particular it is not particularly dangerous for the fruits. More harmful to the vegetable garden and to plants in general are its larvae that are in the ground and affect the roots of the saplings.

The cetonia

Adult of golden cetonia

The cetonia, on the other hand, willingly feeds on fruits and flowers, you can recognize it because its livery is bright green with metallic reflections, usually the size of the adult insect is between one and two centimeters. If you tell me that your problem concerns a green beetle that eats fruit, I am inclined to think that it is really golden cetonia.

Natural remedies

To my knowledge, unfortunately, there are no particular natural preparations useful to combat this beetle, also because the damage it brings is limited and usually it is not worth intervening with insecticides, which could damage bees or other pollinating insects. What I can advise you to do is to go among the plants early in the morning at dawn, looking for insects and picking them up by hand. Manual elimination is not a system that can be done on a large scale, but it works in the small family orchard. It must be done in the morning because between cold and night the cetonia is numb and slow, it will not be difficult to catch.

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