You work in the garden in December

You work in the garden in December

December: work in the winter garden

For gardeners, December is a very quiet month, in general the winter with its low temperatures does not allow many jobs and most of the vegetables cannot be grown now.

Of course there are various possibilities for those who do not want to be idle: some crops can be sown, especially in areas where the climate is milder, also because with a small tunnel or with the non-woven fabric you can repair a little. the plants of the garden.

However, I recommend that you also consider the possibility of taking advantage of this season to take a few moments of tranquility, also leaving part of the field at rest. Maybe it's an opportunity to devote yourself to some instructive reading in front of the fireplace, or to plan next year's vegetable garden.

What to do in the field in December

The most important thing among the December works is to take care of the crops still in progress. Those that are ready obviously go collected, especially vegetables from the cabbage family, before the cold gets too intense and spoils them.

The vegetables that still have to finish growing will have to be sheltered from frost. Those who do not have a covered tunnel can set it up in a very simple way. You can also buy a ready-made one, if you are about to be surprised by the cold you can run to the reopenings for example by buying this simple, cheap and available with quick delivery. Alternatively, always to protect horticultural plants from the cold, they can be covered with non-woven fabric. Doing a winter mulch also helps keep the roots warm.

If the earth is not too frozen it is possible work the soil and fertilize it, so that the garden is ready for sowing and transplants that will take place in spring. Those who manage to do this work will have a good advantage, better prepare the soil a few months earlier than when planting.

What to plant this month

Some vegetables such as spinach and lettuce can be put into the field, more details can be found in the article dedicated to the December sowings. However, do not expect large crops: in spring the garden will be filled with vegetation, in winter the farmer and the land can rest for a while.

Maintenance and readings

Taking advantage of less work in the field in December, we can consider dedicating ourselves to simpler operations to do inside, for example the maintenance of tools. Arranging the handles of spades and hoes and checking their attacks is a task that is useful all year round. Getting a power tool check up is just as important. You can read the guides on brushcutter maintenance and chainsaw maintenance.

Even a good read in front of the fireplace can be useful for your garden, if dedicated to learning something new. I suggest you take a look at the reviews of Orto Da Coltivare.

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