Seasonal vegetables and fruit in May

Seasonal vegetables and fruit in May

The May harvest: seasonal fruits

May is the month in which the garden begins to give greater satisfaction and to bring a wider variety of proposals to the table.

If so far we have had the monotonous harvests of only winter vegetables at the beginning of the year and the addition of only leafy vegetables, such as spinach and salads, during the first months of spring, we finally see now also various legumes and in some cases the first vegetables to be fruit, which will then be the protagonists of the summer garden.

Much of the orchard's production and many fruit vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, instead require a little more sun and heat to be harvested. However, there is also a beginning of fresh seasonal fruit: strawberries, medlars and cherries arrive at the end of the month.

The vegetables of May

The vegetable garden in May offers the various salads and leafy vegetables that we have already found in the April basket: spinach, chard, herbs, agretti, lettuce, songino, rocket, celery. They continue to be available too asparagus, fennel, carrots and radishes. The new season arrivals are legumes: broad beans, peas, chickpeas, green beans.

Where the climate is mild, i first courgette flowers and the lucky ones will already be able to collect some fruit, as well as the new potatoes.

Garlic, onions, shallots and potatoes, on the other hand, are vegetables that keep for a long time and therefore remain in season throughout the year, with the month of May being no exception.

Among the aromatic plants we have the evergreenssage, thyme and rosemary, but also marjoram, dill, coriander. The leaves of mint, while basil can only be harvested where it is hottest.

Seasonal fruit

Every year the garden begins before the orchard to offer variety, so if among the vegetables we already see many changes compared to the previous months, the orchard harvest is still not very varied and only in the warmer areas or towards the end of the month you get some satisfaction .

Among the seasonal fruit we can list the first strawberries and the first cherries of the year, which delight young and old. In May you can also find medlars, peaches and apricots.

Then there are all those fruits that keep for a long time, such as nuts, apples, lemons and pears.

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