Germination times of peppers and aubergines

Germination times of peppers and aubergines

Hello Ruggiero

Eggplant and pepper are vegetables a little slower to germinate than the other two crops you have sown: on average, it takes two to three weeks to see the eggplant or pepper seedling emerge, compared to 10/15 days for tomato and some courgette. So after 15 days there is still hope that the seedlings will sprout, it is not necessarily a seed problem.

How come plants don't germinate

Having said this, keep in mind that if the seeds were very old it may be that they do not germinate due to this age: usually a pepper seed remains active for three years, an aubergine even for five. All the indications I have given you are very variable: it depends on the climate, humidity and a myriad of other factors. So if a seed goes beyond the “prescribed” days it doesn't necessarily mean that it won't be born, maybe it's just slower than the others. The indication of the days is only used to get an idea of ​​how many days it can take a seed to sprout the seedling.

I hope I have been useful, even if I answered you a little late and maybe your seeds have already germinated, lately many questions have been coming and unfortunately there is never enough time. I would like to add a suggestion, for the next time… Since these are seeds with a very hard outer integument, it is worth keeping them soaking a few hours before sowing, perhaps in an infusion of chamomile. This could shorten the germination time.

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