Mandarin liqueur

Mandarin liqueur

How to prepare the tangerine liqueur

Peel the tangerines, removing the inside, white part with a knife. The liqueur must be made with the orange peel of the clementine, while the white is bitter and unpleasant, which would ruin the aroma. Once the peels have been scratched, infuse them in alcohol and let them rest in the dark for about a week, shaking the container from time to time.

After this time, filter the alcohol and pour it into a glass bottle, using a funnel and a clean cloth or gauze. Add the syrup, once cooled, of water and sugar: prepare it by heating the water and sugar over low heat until it boils and stirring well. Shake the bottle and let the liqueur rest for another week or so. At this point the recipe is finished, as you will have read everything is very simple.

Variations to the classic liqueur recipe

There are numerous ingredients and aromas that we can add to our homemade mandarin liqueur. Here are some examples, you can then unleash your creativity by preparing always different spirits and experimenting with new tastes.

  • Cinnamon. Macerate a cinnamon stick with the mandarin peels to give the preparation a sweet and spicy flavor.
  • Honey. Try replacing part of the sugar with acacia or wildflower honey.

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