Mold on seedlings in greenhouse seedbed

Mold on seedlings in greenhouse seedbed

Hi Manuel

I try to answer you, both about mold and germination.

Temperature and germination of tomatoes

First let's start with temperature, which is an important condition in tomato planting: tomatoes have an excellent between 20 and 22 degrees, so the temperatures you indicate in your greenhouse are perfect for germinating seeds. Typically this vegetable emerges within two weeks about from sowing, if a month has passed you will hardly see other plants born.

Damp and mold in the greenhouse

The humidity in the seedbed is another key factor: the soil must be constantly kept moist, but never soggy. Even in the air there must be no stagnant humidity, rather a air recirculation, which you can also do by manually opening it from time to time. This applies to the seedbed but also to any greenhouse cultivation.

In your case the fact that it formed mold on young seedlings is a very bad sign. Among the molds there are pathogens that attack the plant organism and lead the seedlings to death. Your greenhouse is most likely unhealthy for seedlings precisely because of a excess moisture that remains.

I hope I was helpful, a greeting and good crops!

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