Spading machine for walking tractor

Spading machine for walking tractor

There spading machine is an ideal tool for working the soil from the perspective of organic farming, we have already talked about it, highlighting the advantages it brings compared to the classic cutter that is often used on the soil of the vegetable garden.

What not everyone knows is that there are not only professional spaders designed for large surfaces, mThere is also a version suitable for small to medium extensions, applicable to the walking tractor.

It is a machine that deserves a greater diffusion, because it is really useful in preparing the garden, respecting the stratigraphy and the structure of the soil. Unfortunately, it is often preferred to tilling the soil with the motor hoe, which has different consequences on the soil. Let's find out more about the spading machine for two-wheel tractor or motor spade, to understand what differences it makes with respect to the rotary tiller and why it is convenient to use a spading machine.

How the digging machine works

In gardening, this digging is a rather physically heavy job, so finding mechanized alternatives is welcome. The digging machine simulates the work of the spade, has a series of blades that enter the ground and break the clods in a mechanical way, tilling. The result is to make the soil loose and draining, ready to accommodate the roots of the plants to be cultivated in the best way.

How the soil works

The two-wheel tractor digger arrives at work up to 16 cm deep, and you can adjust it for different levels of soil refinement, leaving clods or chopping up the soil better. Adjusted on the end leaves a practically ready seed bed, without pulverizing the soil as does the tiller. This is interesting because the dusty and unstructured soil then ends up compacting in the first rains into an asphyxiated crust, unhealthy for crops.

It does not necessarily require a tempered soil to work: we can operate it in various conditions, even with very humid soil without it getting mixed, and it does not fear the presence of herbs or small stones. This is because the movement of the blades that descend and do not rotate prevents everything from binding between the knives, as happens instead in the cutter. Even if the machine proceeds very well in all soil conditions for the purpose of a work that improves the structure, it is always better to work in tempera soil.

Always because of the type of work he does it does not create a processing sole, which is the biggest flaw of the tiller, and respects the stratigraphy of the soil.

The application to the walking tractor

The two-wheel tractor is a versatile machine, to which various accessories can be added: from the mulcher to the snow blower. His most classic work tool is undoubtedly the cutter, similar to that of the motor hoe, but there are several possible applications. Among these is precisely the spading machine for walking tractor.

This machinery manufactured by Gramegna is prepared with attachments for any type of walking tractor. It does not require a lot of power from the engine and can also be operated by medium-sized walking tractors, starting from 8 horsepower, even with petrol engines.

It exists in two versions, 50 or 65 cm wide, therefore also suitable for passing between rows or moving in tight spaces. At work it is agile and manageable, not very tiring.

It is a robust, self-lubricating machine with a sealed transmission. It does not need maintenance.

Differences between spading machine and cutter

It is worth summarizing by points the advantages of the spading machine compared to the cutter:

  • Greater working depth. The blades of the spading machine reach 16 cm, while the cutter works on average on the top 10 cm.
  • No processing sole. The rotary movement of the tiller sees its blades beat the ground compacting it, the spade blade instead descends vertically, without creating a sole.
  • Maintains the soil structure. The rotary tiller, on the other hand, tends to pulverize the surface of the seedbed.
  • Work in any terrain condition. The spading machine can also be used with wet ground and with the presence of grass, while the tiller would get mixed up.

It must be said that a digger involves a more complex mechanism compared to the cutter and this is reflected in a higher cost. We can consider it an excellent one long-term investment, considering the duration of the tool. The fact that it is applicable to different engines allows those who already have a walking tractor to buy only the application with the blades.

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