July 2020: calendar with moon phases, sowings and works

July 2020: calendar with moon phases, sowings and works

Here we are now arrived in midsummer, with the month of July, also in this year 2020 characterized by the covid 19 pandemic that has upset the lifestyle of many people.

Also the cultivation of vegetable gardens in Italy has been "disrupted" by the corona virus: some people started sowing late as they could not reach the ground during the lockdown, while many people approached the garden for the first time to do something different in the garden or on the balcony during the period of forced seclusion.

In any case, here we are in July, a summer month full of work to be done, but also of harvests, in particular they reach maturity large fruit vegetables: peppers, tomatoes, potatoes and courgettes… There are many satisfactions that we bring home in this period.

However, we must not forget to keep the garden in order and also to preparing what will be the autumn garden. In addition to the cultivation operations there are also some sowing to do, so it may be helpful to look at the calendar with the moon phases Of this month.

July 2020 in the vegetable garden

Work to do. In July it is necessary to do several works in the field, starting with a correct watering so that the summer sun does not dry the plants. In the article dedicated to the July works you will find a list of all the recommended precautions for this month.

What is sown in July. In July, short-cycle vegetables are sown, which are ready before the cold, or cold-resistant vegetables, which will populate the field in autumn. Discover the July sowings.

Moon phases for July 2020

In July, the 2020 lunar calendar begins with the end of the growing phase, inherited from the previous June month. This last crescent quarter completes the full moon, and is considered by peasant tradition to be the ideal period for sowing and transplanting fruit vegetables.

To the full moon of Sunday 5th July instead then follows the waning phase, which continues until July 20, new moon day. This phase of the moon is said to be suitable for sowing tuber and root vegetables, as well as for salads and other leafy vegetables that you don't want to flower.

July closes with the last 10 days of the month again in the waxing moon.

Date by date the phases of the moon in July 2020

  • 01-04 July: growing moon.
  • July 05: full moon.
  • July 6-19: waning moon.
  • July 20: new moon.
  • July 21-31: growing moon.

Biodynamic calendar for July 2020

The lunar phases shown in the Orto Da Coltivare calendar are useful for those wishing to follow tradition in deciding when to sow. This is not enough for those who cultivate instead according to the biodynamic method, which considers an influence of the moon in relation also to the zodiacal constellations.

For those who want a biodynamic agricultural calendar, I recommend looking for the one produced by the La Biolca association, or a classic: thecalendar of Maria Thun 2020.

Lunar calendar with the phases of July 2020

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    Wonderful article and many useful tips for laymen like me. May I know from you, how should I orient myself for the plantation in the vegetable garden on the island of Madeira in Portugal? Now I live here and the temperatures are completely different from ours in Italy. Thanks in advance for your availability, Francesco

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      Hi Francesco, I'm sorry I don't know how to help you… I don't know the temperatures and the type of climate in your area.

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