Robot lawn mowers: STIHL iMow models

Robot lawn mowers: STIHL iMow models

Robotic lawn mowers are undoubtedly the best solution for taking care of medium and large lawns. These small machines are indeed capable of automate the grass mowing process, almost completely eliminating the need for manual intervention on the ground.

On this type of gear the STIHL brand stands out for its reliability and performance, the iMow line of robotic lawnmowers is synonymous with build quality, excellent automation levels and excellent performance.

These automatic lawn mowers feature many advantages, in particular the time saving for lawn care, they are extremely efficient, have an excellent quality-price ratio and, being powered by rechargeable batteries, they are also more environmentally friendly than the classic petrol-powered lawnmower. It is worth investigating the features and advantages of the two STIHL proposals for automatic lawn mowing, the iMow RMI442 and iMow RMI632 models.

Strengths of iMow robots

IMow robotic lawnmowers allow you to take care of the lawn in a totally automatic way, without worries or waste of energy. They can cope steep slopes up to 45%, adapting the cutting speed to the type of soil, and are equipped with a mulching blade capable of returning a precise and reliable cut.

Thanks to smart sensors, the robot is capable of autonomously scan the surrounding terrain and avoid obstacles. The rain sensor instead it causes the robot to instantly return to the station in case of bad weather.

From a technical point of view, the iMow line mounts high-performance lithium-ion batteries, with intelligent charging system. Relying on a company known as STIHL is undoubtedly a guarantee with respect to the quality and durability of the tool.

All models come with a removable control console, very useful for programming the robot in an easy and intuitive way without having to bend to the ground.

IMow App: home automation programming

Controlling and programming iMow robots is very simple both from a smartphone and from a PC. In fact, it is sufficient to download the dedicated App to configure the cutting program, check the status of the robot and start new operations.

The extremely intuitive interface allows you to easily connect the robot even to the home automation system, checking in real time the maintenance data and the performance of the lawnmower robot.

Especially, in case you want to take advantage of the autonomous Smart-Home system, the choice will have to fall on the iMow C models, capable of interacting with home automation. So let's talk about a tool that carries the automation concept in gardening, towards a smart garden system that allows you to save a lot of time and no longer have to worry about a series of boring occupations.

STIHL iMow automatic lawnmower models

STIHL iMow robots allow you to automate the smoothing of small, medium and large surfaces.

The iMow line includes different models of lawnmowers to meet different types of needs. Among them we name the models iMow RMI442 is iMow RMI632. Let's find out in detail.

IMow RMI442 robot

The iMow RMI442 model is ideal for smoothing medium-large surfaces, up to 800 m². It weighs only 10 kg and cuts, shreds and fertilizes in a single pass (mulching method).

Features and equipment:

  • Movable hood equipped with sensors, useful for protecting the lawn mower from atmospheric agents and impacts. The presence of the sensors allows the robot to identify an obstacle and change its trajectory.
  • Extremely resistant mulching blade. The direction of rotation of the blade changes automatically at each stop, thus consuming symmetrically and guaranteeing a precise cutting result even with tall grass.
  • Extractable control console with integrated display.
  • Adaptive Slope Speed, thanks to the inclination sensor, the robot adjusts its speed according to the inclination of the ground.
  • Dynamic and interactive cutting scheme. During the preset period of activity, the robot autonomously chooses the ideal time for cutting the grass.

IMow RMI632 robot

The iMow RMI632 model is the best choice for the smoothing of large surfaces. It weighs 14 kg and, like the previous model, cuts, shreds and fertilizes in a single work step. Many features are similar to the iMow RMI442 robot but this tool is larger and designed for larger lawns.

Features and equipment:

  • Hood with sensors made of robust material to protect the lawn mower from impacts and atmospheric agents. Integrated sensors register the presence of obstacles by changing the trajectory of the robot.
  • Break-proof quality mulching blade. The blade changes direction of rotation at each stop, for symmetrical wear and a precise cutting result even in the presence of tall grass.
  • Adaptive Slope Speed, thanks to the inclination sensor, the robot is able to adjust its speed based on the inclination of the ground.
  • Dynamic and interactive grass cutting scheme, that is, during the preset period of activity, the robot automatically determines the most suitable time for cutting the grass.

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